Zina Khair


Zina Khair is a multi-talented individual born in Damascus, Syria, and raised in a household of art lovers and collectors. Her passion for the entertainment industry began early, and she kickstarted her professional journey alongside her father in TV production. She later went on to assume the responsibilities of the Adonia Awards for Syrian Drama, showcasing her remarkable leadership skills.

As a humanitarian at heart, Zina’s dedication to philanthropy led her to co-found an NGO in 2005 to aid the blind and visually impaired in Syria. Her relentless efforts and commitment to the cause earned her the admiration and respect of many in the region.

The ongoing civil war clashes in her home country compelled Zina and her family to move to Dubai in 2012. Fascinated by the city’s cosmopolitan community, she was struck by the diversity of women from various backgrounds. Her interest in the fashion scene sparked, leading her to create a trend-worthy accessory that would celebrate everyone’s uniqueness.

Embracing her creative vision, Zina enlisted her longtime friend Angélique Tournoud, recognized for her exceptional eye for detail, to join her on her new design adventure. Together, they have been able to create an accessory that complements everyone’s personal style, revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Zina Khair is a dynamic individual with a wealth of experience in different fields, and her passion for philanthropy and creativity continues to inspire many.