Tarek Daker

Design Director / Founder

Tarek is an accomplished architect with over 29 years of professional experience in the industry. Born in 1972 in Damascus, Syria, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Damascus and co-founded ArtWare Corp, a leading design firm in Damascus, in 1993.

While at ArtWare, Tarek gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the design and construction industry, making excellence in design and quality of delivery fundamental principles guiding his approach to architecture. Tarek played a pivotal role in leading entire consultancy teams on several projects, demonstrating his extensive experience in project leadership and construction management.

Tarek has successfully led many major projects in the Middle East and Gulf Region, particularly in the UAE, for prestigious clients such as Abu Dhabi Holding, Al Ghaith Holding, and Al Arabia Holding. His outstanding work has earned him a reputation as a highly sought-after architect.

In the year 2022, Tarek laid the foundation for a new design firm: AWDesign in Dubai. As the Design Principal of this illustrious enterprise, Tarek marshals his team of talented artisans and designers to provide a wide range of services. From the grandiose scale of architectural master planning to the intimate nuances of interior design and landscaping, AWD strives to meet every challenge and surpass every expectation.

Tarek’s interest in creating unique experiences began in his childhood, inspired by his father, who was an artist and interior designer. From him, Tarek learned how to craft distinctive experiences from every work of art. He gained an understanding from his father about how art can enhance and elevate societies, which has influenced his approach to architecture and design.

In his professional career, Tarek’s passion for architecture and design revolves around the fundamental question of crafting an experience for individuals who engage with space, with the ultimate goal of delivering a delightful experience. He strongly believes that it is possible to create a lasting beautiful impression whether you have an ongoing interaction with a place or just a brief one. Tarek’s dedication to this question has made him a highly sought-after architect, renowned for his ability to deliver unique and memorable experiences through his designs.