Shireen Atassi

Director of the Atassi Foundation

Shireen Atassi is a prominent figure in the art world, known for her leadership in the preservation and promotion of Syrian art. Based in Dubai for over 25 years, Shireen serves as the Director of the Atassi Foundation, a family non-profit initiative that she established in 2015 along with her family, who previously owned the Atassi Gallery in Damascus.

As the Director of the Foundation, Shireen is responsible for overseeing strategic planning and the coordination of exhibitions, publications, and other creative projects. Her extensive experience in the corporate world, including an eighteen-year career in blue-chip companies, has provided her with the business acumen and strategic vision necessary to guide the Foundation toward achieving its goals.

Shireen obtained her MBA from Imperial College Business School in London in 1998, which equipped her with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the business world. However, it was her strong belief in the role of art and culture in the development of societies that led her to leave her corporate career and establish the Atassi Foundation. Shireen’s passion for preserving and promoting Syrian art stems from her deep appreciation for the profound impact that art can have on individuals and societies alike.

Shireen’s unwavering belief in the transformative power of art and culture has been the driving force behind her work. She believes that art can connect people, transcend borders, and create positive change in society. The collection she now oversees at the Atassi Foundation has not only shaped her identity as an individual but also as a proud Syrian, committed to preserving the rich cultural heritage of her country.