Sarhad Haffar

Chairman advisor, mag group holding

Arch. Sarhad Haffar, a master of the craft, boasts an illustrious career spanning over 30 years in various disciplines, including Architectural Design, Field Supervision, Project & Construction Management, and Real Estate Development. As the Chairman Advisor of MAG Group Holding, he currently sits at the helm of one of the most prominent organizations in the industry. In the past, he has held esteemed leadership positions such as Vice President at North25, Vice President at Hill International, Dubai Creek Harbor PMO Director, Head of Dubai, Operation & Country Manager in Jordan, General Manager at Emaar Syria, and CEO at Emaar Shaam, all of which testify to his remarkable expertise and unparalleled achievements. Arch. Sarhad Haffar’s legacy of excellence in the field of architecture continues to inspire awe and admiration among his peers and aspiring professionals alike.

As the captain of the ArcanSyria ship and the proprietor of Arch, Sarhad Haffar & Associates, he is wholeheartedly dedicated to unleashing a potent blend of ingenuity, sustainability, and craftsmanship in the realm of building solutions. With an unyielding focus on catering to the urgent requirements of low and mid-income families, his groundbreaking Net Zero Energy Intelligent Homes is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. Beyond this, he possesses a rare knack for turning the tide on troubled projects, resuscitating delayed ventures, and executing fast-track projects with remarkable swiftness and precision. His unwavering resolve to ensure timely and bespoke project delivery is nothing short of astonishing.

Architect Haffar is a graduate of the School of Architecture KSU and has obtained professional memberships and credentials, including the American Institute of Architects Associate (AIAA), T.Q.M. Total Quality Management certification, UNDP-Global Compact – Syria Member of the Steering Committee, Aamal – The Syrian Org. for the disabled Board of Trustees Member, MSG – Metropolitan Committee for the Old City of Damascus Board Member, and SSUSG – Syrian Society of US Graduates Board Member.

In his work, Architect Haffar is deeply committed to eco-textural design solutions that apply renewable energy and preserve Earth’s resources. He is also an advocate of Net Zero Energy Intelligent Home, Zero Carbon Footprint, Zero Water Footprint, and Zero Fossil Fuel. He is keen on quality and aesthetic perfection with eco-socio results, and he serves as a Board of Trustees member of Aamal – The Syrian Org. for the Disabled, as well as a Board Member of MSG – Metropolitan Committee for the Old City of Damascus, and SSUSG – Syrian Society of US Graduates.