Nour Rafiq Atassi

TV Host, TV Producer and Journalist

Nour Rafic Atassi is a talented and passionate Syrian TV host, TV producer, journalist, and mother of two who is currently based in Dubai, UAE. With a deep love for the arts and a keen eye for storytelling, Nour has dedicated her career to exploring and sharing the world of theatre, cinema, and society.

Nour’s journey began with her studies in English Literature at Damascus University and continued with her graduation from the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts, where she majored in Theatrical Criticism. Under the guidance of an exceptional group of mentors, including Dr. Marie Elias, Dr. Nabil Haffar, and Film Director Mohammad Karisly, Nour’s education had a profound impact on her future career path and perspective of the world we live in.

Her graduation project, “Women in Syrian Theatre,” was a groundbreaking work that explored the lives and experiences of iconic Syrian actors and actresses such as Mona Wassef, Sanaa Debsi, and Duraid Lahham. The project was supervised by the Syrian Novelist Mamdouh Adwan and was the first of its kind since the topic had never been tackled in depth before 2003.

Moving from theatre to the world of television, Nour joined the National Syrian Television Network as the Host and Producer of her show “Cinema Zoom,” which examined the filmmaking industry and productions in depth. This show opened doors for Nour to attend and cover several events and venues related to the cinema and TV industries, both locally and internationally. Simultaneously with her career on TV, Nour was the Programming Manager for “Souria El-Ghad,” a renowned popular radio station at the time.

Nour’s passion for theatre and storytelling led her to create the concept for a limited TV drama series, “Nada El Ayaam,” which she co-wrote with other screenwriters: Colette Bahna, Najeeb Nsair, and Loubna Mashlah. This MBC production was directed by Haitham Hakki, Hatem Ali, and Mothanna Subeh.

As a journalist, Nour’s writings always revolved around her favorite topics: Arts, Cinema, Drama, Theatre, and Society. Her work has been featured in various publications such as Ayyam Al-Usra, Star Magazine, Baladna Daily, and Shabablik Magazine. Currently, you can read her articles published online at .

Nour Rafiq Atassi’s career is a testament to her creativity, dedication, and passion for the arts. Her contributions to the world of theatre, cinema, and society have been both groundbreaking and inspiring, and she continues to inspire and educate others with her work today.