Noor Khoury Romieh

Managing director

My dream is to contribute to making this world a “Better Place.” Education stands as the foundational step for individuals to gain knowledge, foster critical thinking, find empowerment, and hone essential skills. Additionally, culture and art enrich our lives by providing diverse perspectives on the world around us, helping us form opinions and curated viewpoints with openness and respect for cultural awareness. Soft skills and etiquette are vital elements in refining our interactions, allowing us to express ourselves in a refined and elegant manner.

In pursuit of this vision, I am proud to highlight my achievements, including founding and serving as CEO of Finishing Touch since 2007, co-founding and serving as General Manager of Future Skill Dubai, developing certified educational programs, and pioneering a unique approach that harmonizes the best of Western Know-How with the heritage and culture of the Middle East. Join me in advancing towards a brighter future. Let’s take the next step together.