Mohamad Kaswani

Managing Director

Mohamad Kaswani is an extraordinarily successful technopreneur, venture architect, and fervent mentor for startups, who has an outstanding history of stimulating ingenuity and producing significance across a myriad of industries. Equipped with an assorted background covering financial services, consumer goods, oil and gas, construction, and real estate, Mohamad imparts an abundance of proficiency and a forward-thinking perspective to the technology domain.

Mohamad’s latest ventures have been marked by a relentless pursuit of disruptive and innovative concepts, that have shattered conventional business models and turned entire industries on their heads. With Cafu and Urban, two bold and audacious initiatives he co-founded, he showcased his uncanny knack for identifying nascent trends, fashioning solutions that place customers at the very heart of the business, and powering exponential growth in markets that were nothing short of dog-eat-dog.

Currently, Mohamad serves as the Managing Director of Mortgage Finder, leading the Mortgage vertical within Property Finder. In this role, he is responsible for driving the growth and expansion of the business, overseeing strategic planning and execution, and ensuring the delivery of world-class customer service.

Mohamad Kaswani is a multifaceted visionary whose leadership skills are confined to Mortgage Finder and extend to the vast innovation ecosystem. Being an advisor to multiple startups and venture capital funds, Mohamad’s knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, market dynamics, and entrepreneurial ecosystems makes him a highly coveted mentor and advisor for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

His burning desire for innovation and unwavering dedication to driving impactful change has made him a genuine trailblazer and thought leader in the dynamic world of technology.