Michel Farah

Vice - President

Michel Farah is a highly experienced and accomplished Fashion and Retail Expert, as well as a Culture and Culinary Enthusiast, with a successful career spanning over 26 years in Dubai. As the Vice President of the Apparel Group, Michel has established himself as a leader in the fashion industry, utilizing his vast knowledge and expertise to drive business growth and success.

Throughout his career, Michel has remained passionate about continuous learning and sharing his knowledge with others, consistently striving to provide mentorship and guidance to those around him. His commitment to this responsibility is matched only by his unwavering dedication to doing so with elegance, grace, and joy, making him a highly respected and admired figure in the industry.

Michel’s profound expertise and comprehensive comprehension of the fashion and retail industry have empowered him to construct and oversee remarkably productive teams, stimulate originality and expansion, and nurture robust connections with customers and associates. He is widely esteemed for his astute planning, analytical aptitude, and proficiency in achieving desired outcomes.

Michel is a veritable dynamo of creativity and innovation, fueled by his unwavering ardor for culture and culinary arts. With his inimitable perspective and boundless imagination, he injects a contagious passion into all aspects of his work, tirelessly striving to captivate and invigorate his team and clients alike. His unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and perpetual betterment has earned him a prestigious reputation as a sought-after advisor and consultant, boasting an impressive track record of triumphs that reverberate through the industry.