Mayada Mostafa Kayali

Founder and Director of a Research and Publishing Institution

Dr. Mayada Mostafa Kayali is a distinguished Syrian figure with a rich academic and professional background.

After earning her civil engineering degree from Damascus University in 1986, she worked for eight years in the field of civil engineering at engineering laboratories. After relocating to Lebanon in 1994 and dedicating herself to raising her children, she continued her studies in the English language and honed her artistic skills in painting under the guidance of the late Lebanese artist Haydar Hamwi. Additionally, she pursued journalism activities for the Lebanese newspaper “Al-Asser.”

Her migration to the UAE in 2006 marked a transformative era in her career. In Abu Dhabi, she played a significant role in renewing religious thought and revising Islamic educational curricula. Through her collaborative efforts with numerous prominent thinkers, they introduced new perspectives in the field of Islamic studies.

In 2008, Mayada founded the “Siraj Research and Studies Foundation,” focusing on religious renewal and countering extremism. Operating under the Abu Dhabi Media Authority’s umbrella, the foundation has spearheaded significant intellectual projects, collaborated with prominent thinkers, and formed partnerships with European universities. This initiative reflects her commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of Islam and promoting moderate views in today’s complex world.

Since 2011, Kayali has been actively involved in establishing the “Mominoun Without Borders” foundation in Morocco, which has become one of the leading institutions dedicated to rigorous research, knowledge dissemination, innovation, and the study of religious thought.

In 2015, she founded the publishing house “Mominoun Without Borders” in Lebanon and established another branch in Sharjah in 2020. This publishing house is considered one of the most important in terms of knowledge content in the fields of humanities and religious studies, having produced over 350 distinct publications. It distinguishes itself by adhering to high standards of editing and scrutiny, making it a prominent player in advancing research and knowledge in these fields.

Mayada Kayali pursued her studies in the humanities field between 2011 and 2018, earning her master’s and doctoral degrees in the history of religions and ancient civilizations from the University of Van Holland in the Netherlands. She conducted research focused on the history of women and the history of marriage, aiming to uncover the reality of women’s rights throughout history.

Her numerous achievements, from establishing cultural institutions to publishing and disseminating important books, continue to reflect her deep commitment to providing knowledge, promoting intercultural understanding, and challenging traditional narratives.

Dr. Kayali remains an inspirational beacon in the Arab world, persistently working to build bridges of cultural understanding and deepen the global understanding of Arab and Islamic thought.