Lina Attar Ajami


Lina Attar Ajami is a modern nomad born in Damascus, Syria, who has lived in Lebanon, France, Canada, and the UAE. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Concordia University and studied Art history at the Université de Montreal.

Lina – a co-creator of Borderlessngo, an awe-inspiring non-governmental organisation that bestows a transcendent impact on the lives of helpless children, youth, and women.

Furthermore, she is also a co-founder of This non-profit establishment sets its sights on fostering Syrian artists and furnishing an avenue to showcase budding young Syrian talents.

In 2021, Lina volunteered to manage the Syrian pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Syrian culture. Presently, she is leading an initiative to house homeless families in Aleppo who were victims of the earthquake that struck the city in February 2023.

With her diverse background and passion for making a difference in the lives of others, Lina Attar Ajami is a dedicated professional committed to creating positive change and empowering those in need.