Kinda Douaidari

Interventional Breast Radiologist

Dr. Kinda Douaidari is a renowned Interventional Breast Radiologist and pioneer in her field with over 20 years of international experience. She is currently the Director of the Breast Unit at the American Hospital, where she specializes in Breast Cancer Early Detection Programs with personalized screening. Dr. Kinda performs a range of screening and diagnostic procedures using a multimodality approach, including minimally invasive biopsy techniques and stereotactic vacuum-assisted excisions.

Dr. Kinda completed her academic training in France after receiving her medical degree from Syria’s University of Aleppo in 1996. She then completed a fellowship program for breast cancer screening and women’s imaging at the Institute Curie in Paris, and she currently holds the European Diploma in Breast Imaging.

Dr. Kinda’s passion for women’s health and breast cancer early detection programs led her to establish her Women’s Imaging Center in Aleppo, Syria – the first of its kind in the country with state-of-the-art machines and the latest innovative technology. She has also been actively promoting women’s health since 2004 and was one of the Middle East representatives in the State Department of America’s International Visitor Program for Women in Leadership in the Health Sector.

Dr. Kinda’s dedication to social responsibility led her to become one of the founders and Medical Director of the Canadian Terry Fox Program for Breast Cancer Early Detection in Aleppo, Syria. This philanthropic project provided breast cancer screening for middle- and low-income teachers until it was unfortunately stopped in 2012 due to the war. After the war, Dr. Kinda helped create a breast screening center in a low-income neighborhood in Aleppo.

Prior to joining the American Hospital, Dr. Kinda established and led a multimodality breast unit in Healthbay Polyclinic, Dubai UAE, since 2014. She is also a lead radiologist providing training workshops in Tomosynthesis, Vacuum-Assisted Breast Diagnostic Biopsies, and VABB-assisted excisions. Dr. Kinda is a sought-after speaker and lecturer at multiple national and international conferences.