Jouhayna Samawi

co-founder of Ayyam Gallery

Jouhayna Samawi is a Syrian national and a woman of many hats – a wife, a daughter, a mother, an entrepreneur, and an art collector. Along with her husband and cousin, Hisham Samawi, Jouhayna co-founded Ayyam Gallery, which has become one of the leading contemporary art spaces in the Middle East.

Jouhayna’s multicultural lifestyle and travels have given her a unique perspective on aesthetics and a keen eye for spotting emerging talent. Growing up in Damascus, one of the oldest cities of civilization, and spending summers in Paris, her life has been a bridge between East and West. Her exposure to diverse cultures and artistic expressions has shaped her tastes and informed her work as an art collector and gallerist.

Jouhayna’s empathy is perhaps her most significant asset, beyond her remarkable aesthetic sensibilities. Her profound love for the Middle East has always been the driving force behind her goals, which revolve around pushing the region, its people, and its talents to new heights. As a successful entrepreneur, she is committed to creating opportunities for emerging artists and promoting the region’s cultural richness to a global audience.

Jouhayna’s commitment to promoting the arts and culture of the Middle East has earned her respect and recognition within the industry. Her work with Ayyam Gallery has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant contemporary art scene in the region, and she continues to be a passionate advocate for the power of art to bridge cultural divides and foster greater understanding and empathy.