Joud Outry

Self-Build Entrepreneur

Joud Outry is a driven and passionate Syrian entrepreneur based in Dubai. Originally from Aleppo, she made the move to Dubai in 2011. She pursued her interest in interior design, completing an undergraduate degree in the field, and later earning two diplomas in Business Management and Sales & Marketing to complement her expertise. With extensive experience in the lighting and interior design industries, she quickly developed a keen entrepreneurial spirit and began several platforms to share her knowledge with others.

One of her most notable platforms is Myfkra, a non-profit dedicated to empowering creative Arab women. In 2016, Outry launched InsideUrBox, an online platform providing creative ideas and tips for interior design enthusiasts. In 2019, she founded her own lighting consultancy company, Darkbox, which specializes in light design and consultancy.

In 2021, Outry was thrilled to channel her passion for food and flavors from her home country by founding Salata Lab in DIFC. Despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to indulge in her beloved hobbies, including painting, creating dazzling calligraphy art (check out @al__jeem on Instagram), and playing the piano.

Being recognized as one of the top 12 entrepreneurs in 2015 and chosen as one of the best businesswomen at the most fashionable awards in 2020 in the Middle East, Outry feels grateful and humbled. She is motivated by a deep desire for achievement and responsibility to empower others, and she persistently seeks new opportunities to inspire and innovate.