Hala Khayat

Regional Director, Art Dubai

Hala Khayat is a prominent figure in the art world, with extensive expertise in Middle Eastern and Arab Modern and Contemporary art. As the Regional Director of Art Dubai, she is responsible for developing strategies to engage local and regional collectors, driving the growth and development of sustainable long-term engagement.

Before her role at Art Dubai, Khayat played a key role in the expansion and globalization of the Middle East’s art market through her work at Christie’s Dubai, where she established herself as a specialist in Arab, Iranian, and Turkish art. During her time there, she worked closely with collectors on an international scale, overseeing the production of catalogs and establishing research criteria for the Middle East’s top modern artists.

Aside from her professional work, Khayat is also deeply committed to supporting and promoting young Syrian artists. In 2014, she founded the NGO SAFIR, which aims to bolster the work of emerging Syrian artists. She also played an integral role in documenting the collections of key Syrian collectors, including the Jalanbo Art collection and the Khair collection of Fateh Moudarres.

In addition to her work in the art world, Khayat is a respected lecturer on Arab art history and the market throughout the region. She has developed a curriculum on Modern and Contemporary Arab art that was later adapted into short courses under Christie’s education in Dubai and Doha.

Overall, Hala Khayat is a highly regarded expert in the Middle Eastern and Arab art world, with a commitment to promoting emerging artists and fostering sustainable growth in the industry.