Firas Alsahin

Co-founder and Design Director

Firas Alsahin, the visionary co-founder and design director of 4SPACE, consistently challenges the boundaries of architectural and interior design across the Middle East. Under his leadership, 4SPACE has become one of the region’s premier interior design firms, renowned for its innovative integration of light, space, and meticulously curated elements that create unforgettable aesthetics.

In 2023, Firas’s exceptional talent and dedication were acknowledged when he was named the “Interior Designer of the Year”at the prestigious CID awards.

As the guiding force behind 4SPACE’s design divisions, Firas’s international experience drives the team to explore new and diverse shapes and forms. This results in spaces that combine feasibility, efficiency, and originality. His hands-on leadership style ensures that every stage of the design process, from 3D modeling to site supervision, is executed with precision and attention to detail.

As an accredited design professional with the Society of British and International Interior Design (SBID), Firas’s design philosophy blends futuristic, minimalist, functional, and sustainable elements. His influential presence in the industry is evidenced by his active involvement in various Middle Eastern discussion platforms. As a tech- savvy global influencer, Firas’s innovative thinking and nurturing leadership inspire his team to craft unique designs using only the finest materials.

However, Firas’s vision extends beyond the present. His ambitious plans for 4SPACE and the broader design landscape reflect a forward-thinking approach that anticipates the next evolution in design and innovation. He envisions a future where businesses are prepared for the META space design era, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, architectural NFTs, and virtual real estate.

spiration and influence for the next generation of designers.