Dima Kandalaft

Senior Director of Country Digital Acceleration Program, Cisco Middle East & Africa.

Field: IT, Technology, Management Consulting

Situated in the dynamic landscape of the UAE, Dima serves as the Senior Director of the Country Digitization Acceleration program for the Middle East and Africa at Cisco. With more than 25 years of experience in Management and Technology consulting, her primary objective is to assist government and industry leaders in expediting their digital transformation programs across the region, earning her recognition as an executive advisor and industry thought leader. Before assuming this role, Dima worked with international IT corporations such as IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Accenture.

Beyond her corporate success, Dima is a founding member of Youth To Professionals, a social enterprise dedicated to empowering professionals to drive meaningful change in future generations. This initiative, tailored for Arab university students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, centers around a mentorship network aimed at supporting students to strategically plan, prepare, and launch successful and gratifying careers upon graduation.

Dima’s enthusiasm for mentorship echoes throughout her career, as she actively participated in various programs in different roles, offering guidance to early-career professionals on their growth journeys. As a female executive, she has also committed herself to mentoring women professionals in STEM fields, both within her internal and external networks across the Middle East region.