Dania Ismail

Co-founder of Jusoor

Dania Ismail is a dynamic entrepreneur, strategic thinker, and visionary leader with a passion for empowering youth and driving growth across multiple sectors. As the Co-founder of Jusoor, an NGO dedicated to unlocking the potential of Syria’s young people, Dania has played a pivotal role in driving positive change and creating opportunities for the next generation. She has been instrumental in developing and launching several successful initiatives, including the Jusoor Entrepreneurship Program, which has empowered hundreds of young entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Dania’s career has traversed diverse industries and roles, showcasing her vast skill set and extensive expertise. As the Director of Strategy and Business Development at Telfaz11, a pioneering and influential media enterprise in the region, she drives strategic growth, explores fresh business opportunities, and establishes collaborations across the media and entertainment domains. Prior to her Telfaz11 stint, Dania served for nine years as Strategy and Business Development Manager for MBC Group, the largest media conglomerate in the Middle East. During her tenure at MBC, Dania launched MBC Ventures, the group’s corporate venture capital fund, and supervised its investments and portfolio firms.

In addition to her work in media and entrepreneurship, Dania has also made significant contributions to the events and entertainment industry. She founded Third Eye Agency, a music events production and consulting agency based in Dubai, where she brought her creative vision and strategic acumen to bear in developing and executing successful events for clients across the region.

Dania’s trailblazing accomplishments have garnered a plethora of prestigious awards and commendations. With an M.A. in Media and Communications from the illustrious Goldsmiths College in London, she has established herself as an eminent figure in the spheres of entrepreneurship, media, and youth empowerment, sought after as a captivating orator and visionary. Her unwavering commitment to effectuating meaningful change in the world through her work and advocacy has served as a beacon of inspiration for multitudes, spurring them to emulate her example.