Ayla Coussa

Clinical Dietitian and Researcher

Dr. Ayla Coussa, a veritable dynamo in the realm of clinical dietetics and research, is making waves. Her cutting-edge research, which has focused on women’s health and reproductive medicine, has established her as a trailblazer in the field. Moreover, her work in developing guidelines for diabetes management has garnered accolades, as has her prolific output as a scientific publisher.

Through her extensive research in the areas of women’s health, fertility, and pregnancy, Dr. Ayla has unlocked new insights and made groundbreaking discoveries. Her latest triumph, “Calories of the Levant,” is a trilingual guide that offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of healthy eating and Levantine foods.

Dr. Ayla is a true Renaissance woman, expertly juggling two seemingly disparate passions: academia and the culinary arts. Her culinary creations are nothing short of extraordinary, combining her finely-tuned sense of nutrition with a creative flair that makes every dish a work of art. Her unique perspective on healthy eating, informed by her deep understanding of diabetes mellitus and obesity management, has made her a highly coveted advisor for those seeking to make smarter choices when it comes to their diet.

Dr. Ayla is a true innovator in her field, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Her dedication to improving the lives of her patients and advancing the field of clinical research and dietetics is an inspiration to all who know her.