Adib Al Attar

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Dr. Adib Al Attar is a highly skilled Consultant Urological Surgeon and Head of Department at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital in Dubai, with a wealth of experience and training under his belt. He was born and raised in Damascus, Syria, into a family of medical doctors, and his passion for medicine has been lifelong. He is happily married to Riwa Al Khouja since 2010, and they have two children together.

Dr. Al Attar obtained his medical degree in 2008 and then went on to complete a Fellowship in Germany in 2010, where he gained extensive knowledge and expertise in his field. He was granted the German and European Boards of Urology in 2015, making him a highly qualified professional in his field.

Dr. Al Attar’s journey in the field of Urological Surgery led him to Dubai in 2018. He joined Mediclinic Parkview Hospital as a Consultant Urological Surgeon and was also entrusted with the responsibility of heading the Department of Urology. Since then, he has been making a remarkable difference in the lives of his patients with his exceptional skills and knowledge. In 2019, Dr. Al Attar’s contributions to the field of Urology were recognized when he was appointed as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the prestigious College of Medicine at Mohamed bin Rashid University. He passionately imparts his expertise to the upcoming generation of medical practitioners, making a significant impact in the field of Urology.

Dr. Al Attar is an esteemed authority in urology, currently holding the position of Chair of Urology in the Medical Liability Committee at Dubai Health Authority. His unwavering commitment to enhancing patient outcomes and advancing the field of urology is demonstrated through his clinical practice, research, and educational pursuits. With his impressive credentials and steadfast devotion to his patients, Dr. Al Attar is an invaluable asset to the medical community not only in Dubai but also beyond its borders.